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Geomatics Community in the National Capital Region and Kingston

Past Events

Deep Mapping

Dr. Mike (Michael) Sawada, University of Ottawa, March 20, 2018

Mobile LiDAR Scanning for Engineering and Design on Railways: The METROLINX-GO Transit Project                                           

held March 22nd 2017 at the RA Centre, Ottawa 

The imagine space experience: 3D printing, laser cutting and more!

held October 25th 2016 and

Nov 2nd 2016 at the OPL, Centrepointe

Technical Presentation: The City of Ottawa Light Rail Tunnel Project

 held April 6th 2016 at the RA Centre, Ottawa 

Life Member's Dinner and Presentation: The Wreck of Sir John Franklin's lost ship HMS Erebus

held May 12th 2016 at The Restaurant International, Algonquin College


Life Member's Night Dinner and Presentation on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Environmental Applications

held June 4th 2014 at The Restaurant International, Algonquin College

Using New Technology and Innovation for Improving Nautical Products

Mesha Sagram, Canadian Hydrographic Service, March 09, 2019


CIG Ottawa Branch

The Ottawa Branch of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics reaches out to the Geomatics community in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, and Kingston. We hold a number of meetings each year featuring invited speakers addressing a range of geomatics-oriented technical topics. Once a year the Branch hosts a Life Member's Night dinner with an invited after-dinner speaker.


The Branch Board responsible for arranging our events is made up of six volunteers. CIG Ottawa Branch is a non-profit group. Fees charged for our events go towards paying expenses for the venue, gifts for speakers, and catering.


If you have any questions or comments, please comntact the CIG at the number below, or contact us directly by email.. 

Why not suggest

ideas for topics

you want to hear about    or


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Help us choose topics and events you'd like to see over the next year. 
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For examples of events we've already organized, check out "Past Events".
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